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Summary of Daily Activities


At the beginning of the day, your child will be helped with their belongings, and their attendance will be registered. You can stay until you're happy that your child is settled.

First Activity


To begin the day, we bring all the children together for our prayer and a song, before splitting into our differentiated groups.

Our Groups


We place each child in one of the following groups based on their individual needs:

  • Caterpillar Group: this group is to prepare the older children for school, and includes numbers, shapes, writing and phonics.

  • Every Child a Talker (ECAT): this group is for children who need extra support with their speaking and language skills.

  • Meerkats Group: this group is for the younger children and focuses on the topic of the week.

Free Flow

Each day the children benefit from a 1 hour & 15 minute free flow session, during which time they are able to explore and interact. 

There is also the opportunity for children to enjoy fresh fruit and drinks, and to take part in adult-led activities, both inside and out. 

All activities are devised so that they cover all of the areas of Learning and Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Physical Education

We have a large space inside and a lovely garden area with climbing equipment, sand, water and other PE items. Our activities include parachute games, keep fit & circle games. 

Every Wednesday a Sporty Tots coach comes in, at an additional cost, who teaches a variety of different sports and skills.

End of Session

We encourage the children to help tidy up, after which we finish the day with story time & a physical activity, followed by a prayer and a song.

The Curriculum


Download a copy of our Curriculum here.

Early Years Framework


If you'd like more information about the government's framework for under 5s, you can find out more on the website.



You can download our latest OFSTED report here, too.

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